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Grapefruit Seed Extract for Treatment of Thrush
Modified by Carole Dobrich
from Dr. Jack Newman's candida protocol & Dr. Jay Gordon's web site

Grapefruit seed extract, 250 mg three times a day orally (taken by the mother), seems to work well in many cases. It can be used instead of fluconazole or in addition to fluconazole in resistant cases of thrush.

Visit this site recommended by Dr Jay Gordon for additional information on Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Their Recommended Dosage for NutriBiotic Liquid Concentrate is as follows:

These recommendations are for NutriBiotic Original GSE. Those using Citricidal Professional Strength liquid concentrate should divide these recommended dosages by three (or multiply by 1/3).

Note: Never use full strength as it may cause irritation.

Suggested Adult dose: To be taken orally.

Children (under 10 years): To be taken orally.

Note: Dr Gordon only uses it topically, as he describes on his website:

Dr. Jay Gordon's treatment of thrush with GSE

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