Baby Ivannah

Posted by: Richette

Baby Ivannah - 10/07/06 05:23 AM

This is our newly adopted baby girl Ivannah Nichole almost 7 days old!
Posted by: Lalle

Re: Baby Ivannah - 10/08/06 04:41 AM

Congrats! She is beautiful.
Posted by: Nona

Re: Baby Ivannah - 10/12/06 04:12 PM

awww she is adorable!
Posted by: Richette

Re: Baby Ivannah - 10/16/06 03:00 AM

Thank you! she is doing so well now she's gained a little weight now so we're working on getting her strong enough to breastfeed she's so strong! We'll have her home in no time =0)
Posted by: waitingforbaby

Re: Baby Ivannah - 10/24/06 12:45 AM

Awww - she's adorable!