Crinone 8% gel

Posted by: mindyfrank

Crinone 8% gel - 09/19/06 03:36 PM

Hi all, I'm new to this section. I was at the adoptive bf section before...but after 1 1/2 years of pumping and 4 failed adoptions, we are trying to get pg. We've been trying for 7 mos. And I do have 2 bio sons, so I should be able to concieve, I hope. I'm on metformin (for PCO), & clomid. This month I had only one viable egg (but one is all you need right;). I had my LH surge at 2pm on Sat. (I tested at 6pm again, and surge was already over, so, I just caught it!) We were intimate Fri nite, Sat nite and Mon nite. On Mon at 11:30 am I had an ultrasound confirming that the egg did release (probably sometime on Sunday). My concern is that my Dr prescribed Crinone 8% gel to begin Mon nite. Isn't that too soon????????
This is my first month w/crinone. I called the manufacturer directly and spoke to an RN, but she couldn't/wouldn't advise on when to start to follow Drs orders. So, I took the middle of the road and did the suppository at 3:30am (this, Tues early morning). Was this too soon? Or ok?
Thanks in advance to anyone replying! It takes some real calculating to figure all of this out!!!
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Re: Crinone 8% gel - 09/19/06 05:37 PM

Mindy I am no expert. I am assuming this gel is the progesterone right?
If so I will tell you that there are a number of same sex couples on another board I am on and they start the progesterone suppositories immediately after IUI. Many of them have successfully gotten pregnant this way. So based on that I would say it is not too soon. But again I am not an expert.
Fingers crossed for you that you caught this eggie and it will stick.
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Re: Crinone 8% gel - 09/19/06 08:52 PM

Thanks Lalle! I was fortunate enough to hear from Lenore on the subject as well, and am feeling more confident now that this is the right timing. Warmly, Mindy
Posted by: Lenore

Re: Crinone 8% gel - 09/20/06 05:43 AM

Hi Ladies,

That's afirmative on the progesterone. Most clinics recommend begining ASAP after a transfer or insemination to help the lining of the uterus and implantation. You go girl!!!