questions about ivf with IVIG

Posted by: babydreams

questions about ivf with IVIG - 05/09/07 07:06 PM

Hello there!
I am new to all of this and could use all the help I can get. I have had 2 miscarriages in 5 months... roughly at about 6 weeks. I have undergone many tests so far... The only thing wrong with me is Natural Killer Cells.

My Infertility Dr at the Sher institute says I will need IVF with IVIG. Has anyone had this... and does it really work?
It is so expensive, but we really want to be parents.

Thanks for any help possible.
Posted by: Progenesisivf

Re: questions about ivf with IVIG - 01/18/18 04:23 AM

Yes, IVF has a high success rate. IVF is developed more than 30 years back, this In Vitro Treatment is for those women who have damaged the fallopian tube. When the eggs formed in the ovaries fail to travel through the fallopian tube, then specialist suggests IVF.