Luteal phase defect...

Posted by: Gardenia

Luteal phase defect... - 04/12/08 04:01 AM

Hello! I'm new to this forum. I had some questions regarding Luteal Phase defect...
(We've been trying to conceive for a year with no luck. I'll be 30 in
June, my husband is 32).

1. Recently I had my progesterone level checked (at 6 days past
ovulation) and it was normal (in the 15.77 range)...and unless I
the day of ovulation wrongly, this is good news. (I've been using OPK
tests, which have positive results, and checking C.M. as well, which is
present at ovulation).

Question: If my progesterone levels are normal, but I only have a 9
day luteal phase on average, is it possible my progesterone levels are
not in the normal range despite the test?

2. My doctor wants to prescibe me Clomid in 3 months time if we have
not conceived by June; but has done no testing of my eggs (to see if
they're healthy) or my uterus (to see if it's in good shape).

Question: Is it a good idea to have these things checked before going
on drugs? Anything else that should be checked before going on drugs?

3. One doctor prescribed me Prometrium back in December, just by
looking at my BBT charts. I tried it in late February, and it made me
on my whole left side, so I went off it.

Question: Is there safer, natural progesterone (Prometrium is
synthetic) I could take?

4. I believe I've had at least one early miscarriage (last summer),
with really bad cramping in lower back/abdominal area, some brown
spotting and sudden bright-red onset of period, feeling fine after
then possibly in November (with an extra long period) and this early
February (when I had bloating, gassiness, cramping, tender breasts,
naseau, spotting, a week before my period was due, I don't usually have
hardly any pms symptoms)...

Question: Is it possible I would miscarry/have chemical pregnancies
due to late ovulation? (I've been ovulating mostly between day 21 and
of a 31 day cycle).
One month I ovulated on cycle day 16, giving my body a longer luteal
phase, and yet that was early February (where I think I had a chemical
pregnancy...where I ovulated on day 16, started spotting on day 26, and
got period on day 31).
Leaving me wondering if it's still progesterone deficiency or poor
egg quality? Or both?

Question: is there a better alternative to Clomid?

Posted by: Nona

Re: Luteal phase defect... - 08/01/08 02:35 PM

Wow.. it sounds like your having a rough time. I am so sorry. I cannot answer any of your questions. As we are doing surrogacies. I am familiar with charting and OPKS and lutheal phases. But the rest I hope Lenore can come in and help you on