Canadian: New Gyno?

Posted by: andrea_geminis

Canadian: New Gyno? - 02/08/10 08:20 PM

Canadian in Quebec not sure if she needs to find a new Gyno or infertility doctor. My regular gyno reffered me to my current doctor who sent me to various exams and treatments, he is now suggesting artificial insemination, I want a second opinion, who do I call, another gyno or what?
Posted by: Duck

Re: Canadian: New Gyno? - 02/26/10 07:46 PM

hi there,
I was in montreal when I first went to a fertiltiy clinic. I think you should really go to an expert and not a obgyn for fertiltiy treatment. I got a reference but they never did ask for it and I went to the Montreal fertility centre which was FANTASTIC. The doctors there are great. good luck.