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#15888 - 12/20/13 10:37 AM Not experiencing any breast changes
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I started the general protocol about 3.5 weeks ago for a pregnancy via GS, baby due at the end of May. I did NOT experience any breast changes with the 1/35 BCP so switched to Yasmin (generic brand) Wednesday. I am hoping to experience the breast changes that everyone talks about, but nervous I wont.
On top of that I also have hypoplasia. I had a breast augmentation done 12.5 years ago, with a reconstruction of the augmentation (1st time around was a botch job) 11.5 years ago. Implant are under the muscle and incisions are on the bottom of the breast.

What are some options I can consider if I don't experience any breast changes with the new BCP. Should I look into the estrogen patches on the breast?

Also, I have been readinga lot about Goats Rue it and hoping it will help with hypoplasia and breast tissue growth. Can I start taking that now or do I need to wait until I stop the BCPs?

#15891 - 12/21/13 09:10 PM Re: Not experiencing any breast changes [Re: tegx12]
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I would email Lenore with this particular question.

Best of luck to you

#15901 - 12/30/13 07:35 AM Re: Not experiencing any breast changes [Re: tegx12]
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I had emailed her prior to posting here, but had not heard back, which is why i came here. was hoping for some insight or a BTDT experience.


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