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#19702 - 12/19/14 06:11 AM Stopping to start again?
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I am trying to make a decision (I think I pretty much already made it). I would like to stop what I am doing right now and try the regular protocol. Here's my story in short:

I have followed the accelerated protocol for menopause women. I did the accelerated protocol because I found out about it very late in the process so that was all the time I could afford. I was on BCP/Dom combination for under 60 days then I started pumping. I have been pumping for almost two months and the most I've been able to produce was about 2 oz a day, I was basically producing only drops at each pumping and I pumped very diligently. I wasn't seeing much progress either. It was a tremendous amount of work to keep up with and in all honesty the amount of milk I was/am producing wouldn't be nearly enough to feed the babies that we are expecting in 1-2 weeks.

I know there is more to breastfeeding than milk but I am a very result oriented person and I do want to be able to provide sufficient nutrition for the little ones. Right now we are in India doing our surrogacy procedure but when I come back to US, as a business owner, it would be extremely hard for me to keep up with trying to maintain my (tiny) milk production and everything else that is going on. The result does not justify the effort.

BUT HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART - I do not want to give up being able to breastfeed! I enjoyed so much being able to produce milk, I can see that my body can do it, I see the potential and I want to do it right and make a lot of milk!!!! I studied 'Ask Lenore' website very thoroughly, I read posts from many women going back years and years and I am amazed at the results women have achieved when on the Regular protocol.

As much as I hate stopping my lactation this time here's what I think would be the best thing for me to do - stop what I am doing right now and start on the regular protocol. We are planning on doing surrogacy again next year so I will be ready with my milk for 'the next round'. Maybe I can even breastfeed these babies, by that time they will be 9-10 months old though...

So here's my question - what is the best way to do the transition? Should I wait before restarting the protocol and give my body some rest? What's the best way to stop Domperidone? What should I do about relieving the breast pressure? I have already stopped pumping and only hand express some when the pressure starts causing me pain and a lot of discomfort. My breasts are also becoming lumpy. And interestingly and amazingly enough, now when I do it my milk comes out like it never did before, I even had streams multiple times that I never ever did before I stopped and I even had a wet spot on my shirt this morning!. I believe all that just confirms that my body is able to do the job and that the protocols work! I just need to follow the Regular one to be successful.

Thank you very much!


#21739 - 12/23/14 10:52 PM Re: Stopping to start again? [Re: tanya732]
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Hi Tanya. What I would do is wait for the first day of your period (if you menstruate regularly) and start the birth control pills and continue to take the dom. Stop pumping. If your breast ache, what I did was hand express once a day just to relieve the pressure. I would only do that for a couple of days though and your volume will go down very quickly since you are only producing 2 ounces a day. Good luck to you and please keep us updated on your babies smile


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