What do you think of IVF with PGD for gender selection? I know that it is illegal in some country but there are others which allows such procedure. I am asking this because my best friend wants to undergo on the said procedure. Main reason is not just to balance their family but to avoid sex-linked disease which occurs mostly on their male relatives. So I am helping her to do some research for possible countries which allows gender selection. What do you think of the clinics in Cyprus? I found that they allow gender selection and also found this clinic named North Cyprus IVF. i don't know much of this center but I checked their online profile > http://www.placidway.com/package/2567/IV...orth-Cyprus-IVF what do you think of this center? They just caught my attention because of the cost posted on their page. If you will check it, the cost is $6,400 not that hard. But still we are open for other options for clinics and country. Please HELP me by stating your clinics (those who already had the experience in this procedure)