Hi Everyone,

I met an incredible woman, Kim Bergman, Ph.D. who attended the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Conference in New Orleans last week. She, like me, is a member of the ASRM mental health group who specialize in assisting parents on their journey toward building their families. She has access to a huge network of fertility counsellors. Here's her site: http://www.fertilitycounselingservices.com/index.htm

Have a look around. She and her site are quite impressive. In fact, she was one of the nicest, warmest, and most knowledgable people I met at the conference.

Lenore Goldfarb, Ph.D.,CCC,IBCLC
Wife to Rob, Mom to Adam aged 13, and Ethan aged 9, both born via GS and breastfed via Regular Newman-Goldfarb Protocol.