In addition to the medications described above, the following herbs have been found to be helpful in increasing milk supply for women on the protocols:

Fenugreek seed

3 capsules (580-610 mg each) 3 times a day with food

Blessed Thistle herb

3 capsules (325-390 mg each) 3 times a day with food

These dosages were arrived at through a review of the available literature, a review of the recommendations of several herbal companies, and anecdotal evidence. Many women on the protocols have found that fenugreek taken alone may cause stomach upset, but when taken in combination with the blessed thistle the stomach upset is reduced or nullified. Taking these herbs with food seems to help as well and is recommended by most of the herb suppliers. Often women report that they smell like maple syrup or curry while taking fenugreek. Many women have found these herbs to be most effective if they are begun after completion of the necessary time on the birth control pill-domperidone combination, and once the women have started to pump. Also, many women have reported feeling nauseated when starting the herbs too early. For this reason it is not desirable to take the herbs while taking the birth control pill and prior to pumping.