Breast Pumps

Over the course of the past two years many reports have come to us from women on the protocols regarding the efficacy of pumps from different manufacturers. Based on these reports, a hospital grade double electric breast pump is recommended for the process of induced lactation. Many mothers have found that the top end products have been the most reliable.

The favored pump by women who can afford to purchase a pump is a double electric pump with a strong motor, portability, variable speed control, hands free option, battery pack option, and ease of use.

For women who intend to rent a pump, the favored choice for women on the protocols has been a double electric breast pump with a strong motor, portability, hands free option, and ease of use.

Breast pumps may be rented from lactation consultants, local hospitals, or medical equipment suppliers. If the mother is intending to pump for more than 3 months, it is more economical to purchase a offers pumps at very reasonable prices.