"ask lenore" protocol

Posted by: LiliBrock

"ask lenore" protocol - 07/20/15 07:03 AM

I am going to start the "ask lenore" protocol and was wondering if you knew where to order the domperidone from. I am a little skeptical of online pharmacies, so I thought I would ask the experts..you! Also, I would love to know of success stories for twins! We are so excited and so grateful to Belinda for giving us the wonderful gift of parenthood. Thanks for your help! :bgt: !!
Posted by: Tom

Re: "ask lenore" protocol - 07/20/15 07:05 AM

I used it to increase supply for my son, and I bought it from bit.ly/1cG6nTg I never had a problem with receiving it, and their prices seem to be more reasonable than most places that I've found. You can also buy it from Canadian pharmacies if you can get a prescription. U.S. doctors are generally not willing to write a script for it since the F.D.A. doesn't approve it's usage. Good luck!
Posted by: Tom

Re: "ask lenore" protocol - 05/09/16 06:44 AM

Changed address of the pharmacy, but still working grin