Posted By: kittykahn domperidone drug interactions? - 09/28/17 04:08 AM
I'm new here and probably have a lot of questions. I'm inducing lactation with pumping and domperidone. I cannot take birth control and years ago had a tubal ligation. I've been on domperidone for almost a week. I'm taking 20 mg 3 times a day, spacing out as best as I can. I have a little bit of trouble with it but not enough that I'd be willing to stop taking it. Does anyone know if there are drug interactions with dom and Ambien (zolpidem)? I'm in the US and ordered internationally, and its hard finding info on domperidone here since its not fda approved.
Posted By: ArturoKi Re: domperidone drug interactions? - 09/12/18 11:57 AM
Has domperidone become FDA approved in the meantime or do you still have to get this drug from out of country?
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