Suddenly lactating?

Posted by: chaimom

Suddenly lactating? - 02/12/09 07:35 PM

I'm looking for any advice I can get regarding my suddenly starting to produce milk. I weaned my third child almost 7 years ago, and haven't noticed any sort of milk since then.
But then last night hubby noticed I had milk. (Ahem)

Granted, it's not a lot of milk; but I am able to express several drops.

I've read that this is actually a problem--not a good thing.

My sister has also started producing milk and it's been almost 4 years since she weaned her youngest child.

I'm not pregnant nor am I able to become pregnant (had tubal ligation). I do have endometriosis and fibroids, which may be a factor if this is a hormonal issue. ???

I'm half-tempted to just "go with it", but want to know if that's the smart thing to do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Lalle

Re: Suddenly lactating? - 02/12/09 07:48 PM

I am not sure but it I think I heard something about thyroid contributing to milk production. I would do some research.
Posted by: chaimom

Re: Suddenly lactating? - 02/12/09 09:02 PM

That's what I keep coming up with, too. Thanks for the reply! smile