New here, already lactating a little

Posted by: stillalive

New here, already lactating a little - 11/17/15 05:13 AM


I've been inducing lactation since late September and I'm currently making about 10ml per day. I had different goals when I started inducing, but after some setbacks I've kind of given up on both pregnancy AND the adoption process at this point. But for some reason I'm still pushing through with the induction process.

It's actually been very comforting to be able to lactate, I guess since I'll never get to experience pregnancy? At any rate, once I get a bit more of my supply in, I'm hoping to donate to a family looking for supplemental milk. smile

Social support has been crucial in the process so far, so I'm excited to make new friends on here. Cheers!
Posted by: Claudia

Re: New here, already lactating a little - 11/22/15 10:23 PM

Let us know if you have any questions. Good luck!