Expectant mommy through surrogacy

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Expectant mommy through surrogacy - 03/08/16 11:41 PM

Hi There,

very glad to be part of this forum. I'm following the accelerated protocol in the hope of being able to breastfeed our baby, and looking for any support I can find..

I was on Microgestin and Domperidone for last 35 days, After little more than 24 hours after taking my last bcp I started pumping with Medela Symphony pump. I am doing nighttime pumping also once between 1 and 5 AM.

On the second day of pumping (yesterday) I started getting cramps like in menstruation and light bleeding. It has been very light but it is there. Can I at this point continue the domperidone and pumping and can be successful? No lactation yet..please could you advise?
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Re: Expectant mommy through surrogacy - 03/14/16 09:22 PM

My understanding is that you should get a period (cramps, bleeding, etc) when you stop the BCP, so the fact that you are sounds very normal. Good luck to you!
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Re: Expectant mommy through surrogacy - 09/04/16 06:32 PM

Agreed. After stopping the birth control you can get your period. How is everything going?
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Re: Expectant mommy through surrogacy - 01/31/17 05:53 AM

I am attempting the accelerated protocol as well! My son just turned 5 months and i don't want to waste more time. I would love to follow you on your journey. I wonder how the Microgestin worked for you. I'm wondering if this would be better than the Microgestin, Ortho 1/35, or Yasmin. I'm curious about how these four bcps compare? Which is more better/effective in producing really fast results for the accelerated protocol?