FTM Attempting Relaxation at 5-6 months Post

Posted by: MeetTheThomases

FTM Attempting Relaxation at 5-6 months Post - 01/31/17 05:02 AM

Hello All! Because I gave up on breastfeeding and weaned my son, my son has not breastfed exclusively from me (latched on my breast) since October and he has not had my pumped breastmilk since mid-November when my milk supply officially plummeted. From birth to October I supplemented (doing mostly breastfeeding and formula feeding the we were out. I was out a lot because of my sons doctor appointments, and my own including physical therapy. My son's doctor told me to formula feed because my son was low weight and after a few months of holding on, I gave in. Several times in November I tried to relocate to a full supply (using pumping & herbs) but I would get 1-2 oz per session at most. I miss our bond so much! It is now January and my goal is to relactate back to a full supply and exclusively breastfeed. It is rewarding to see that my son still enjoys skin to skin, and recently (1 time last week) latched on to my breast for 5 mins! It felt magical! After he realized there was no milk he became very upset, but that experience encouraged me even more to do this for him. When I hand express really forcefully, I do see a tiny drop appear which gives me much hope. I will give my self 5 months from this date to meet this goal which will take me into the end of June 2017. Is anyone out there interested in taking this journey with me? Perhaps we can form a buddy system of women who aspire to either Relactate or Induce Lactation? If so, please share where you are currently with your lactation journey, your accomplishments (no matter how small) & your goals... I could use all the support I can get!