Posted By: kimjimbo Hi ya'll! - 06/25/07 02:19 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm Kim, a 40 yo IM via TS (my sis is our ts). I have one bio daughter, 19 yo and 2 step (22 & 17). Dh and I have been married 14 years. We initially were fostering to adopt and after many heartbreaks took a year off to re-evaluate. At the end of that year, sis and I were talking and she immediately agreed to be our TS. The next month we were pregnant. Baby Abigail is due to be induced on August 1st (only 37 more days - woohoo!).

A bit of history: When I was 21 yo, I found out I had trophoblastic carcinoma (a cancer that feeds on the hormones that are produced from pregnancy). One of the results of that was a radical hysterectomy. DD was born 2 months prior to the discovery of the cancer. She was born with many many medical issues - I had hoped to bf but was unable due to her medical issues and couldn't after her surgeries because of the chemotherapy I was on. I have always felt so cheated frown

We got preggy in Nov'06 and I started preparing for abf in Feb '07. At this time, I started pumping. Within a few weeks, I began to take Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek, and the tincture from Mothers love for abf. I couldn't stand the taste of the tincture, so I ordered Goat's Rue and domperidone. I have been collecting very small amounts (less then .6 ml daily) in a syringe and freezing. I recently added Milk Thistle as well.
I really would like to take the bcp but because of my history I just can't take the risk of side effects. So, I guess I'm stuck with what I am doing unless someone has some more suggestions??
I have purchased a lactaid and the adiri breastbottles. Hopefully, when Abigail arrives we will have a wonderful time of bonding and maybe just maybe some production.
I look forward to joining in some of the conversations on here.
Posted By: mommy2three Re: Hi ya'll! - 06/25/07 03:34 AM
Welcome. smile

Some of the more experienced women will be able to give you better advice... but I only took the bcp for 3 weeks myself, I know it is recommended longer, but I didn't have time. I am doing really well so far too!! I know others have been successful without it, although probably not as much milk. I'm sure one of the others will respond soon with some good advice!!

Congrats and I'll be thinking of you come Aug 1st!! smile
Posted By: shy Re: Hi ya'll! - 06/25/07 11:57 AM
HI Kim,, how did you decide on Lact-aid instead of SNS? I am trying to decide which one to use... we have no match yet.. a mom may chose us this week for a month old baby that has spina Bifida and club feet.. but , we do not know if we will get chosen or not. I will call the att again on Thursday.. I called last Friday,, and they said that she had not chosen yet. wishing you many good days ahead! how exciting for your whole family! Lisa and Bryan C
Posted By: kimjimbo Re: Hi ya'll! - 06/25/07 12:41 PM
Hi Lisa, and hopefully a big congrats coming your way!
I chose the lactaid after much research - it is supposed to be more for the abf mom. The babe has to suckle a bit more which of course stimulates the breast. And if I remember right the lactaid is slower fed - more like the breast. I believe the sns is more for babes that have a weak suckle.
Can't wait to watch for your post on Thursday!
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