Posted By: Gnusgal Exploring the possibilities - 04/05/08 03:57 AM
Due to complex congenital heart defects I will be using a surrogate to finally add a baby to our family (we are matched and in contract phase!). I am a strong believer in breast feeding and felt so sad thinking I wouldn't get to do this with my child. I was certain my heart medications would transfer through the breast milk. However, I recently discovered that my heart meds are not at risk for being transferred to the baby after all smile . But I was told that I would have to come off of my BCP, which is loestrin (containing both estrogen and progesterone) because the estrogen would hinder milk production.

Is it possible to induce lactation while staying on the combo pill? I cannot switch to the progesterone only pill due to the fact that I am at risk for ovarian cysts (I developed them when I was on a progesterone only pill several years ago and ended up needing emergency surgery and a drug transfusion! Not something I want to repeat!). Should I give up on my dream of breast feeding, or is it still possible?

Thanks so much!
Posted By: Lalle Re: Exploring the possibilities - 04/05/08 11:14 PM
Can you take Ortho 1/35 or Yasmin?
If so you can do the induced lactation protocol.
Posted By: Gnusgal Re: Exploring the possibilities - 04/06/08 03:21 AM
Not sure... We tried a lot of different BCPs and I got migraines with almost every one of them except the loestrin. What is it in the Ortho or Yasmin that makes the difference?

Guess I'll be talking with my docs to see what we can do!
Posted By: jenmarko Re: Exploring the possibilities - 04/06/08 04:59 AM
I would e-mail your question to Lenore. You can reach her through the "contact us" at the bottom of the page. This is a question she might need to look into. Do you have to stay on the BCP because of the heart condition? Normally on the protocol, you would stop the BCP when you start pumping.
Posted By: Gnusgal Re: Exploring the possibilities - 04/06/08 06:44 PM
I have to stay on the BCP because of my history of cysts (and because I CANNOT risk getting pregnant). According to the GYN at the time, when I ovulate, I form cysts. Which for most people isn't too big a deal. But when I had one burst my heart meds caused it to continue to bleed until I had a belly full of blood and had to have emergency surgery. Not something I want to repeat, needless to say...

I will try emailing Lanore and see what she has to say. Thanks!
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