Posted By: Elsa only few drops after weeks of pumping? - 07/20/08 05:44 AM
Hello wonderful ladies,

I'm adopting a little girl from Guatemala, and have been following the protocol for the past 4 months with the hopes of breastfeeding her. She will be 8-9 months old when I bring her home.

Here is my question:

I've been pumping 4-5 times a day, and about a week ago, I started getting 1-2 drops each time. At first I was very very excited to see ANY milk, but now I"m feeling a little discouraged that the amount has not increased. Has anyone had this same situation? I don't know if that means that I'm not producing much milk, or if it's a letdown issue.

Would love to hear from others who've been there. smile Thanks!

Posted By: Lalle Re: only few drops after weeks of pumping? - 07/20/08 04:09 PM
You should start to see things pick up and the drops should become sprays soon. This is totally common. If you look at the other threads we have a few moms in the same time frame of pumping as you seeing the same thing.
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