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Newbie - 06/03/09 01:40 PM

I am a new member. My husband and I have completed our adoption homestudy and waiting to get approved so we can get matched. Because of my endometriosis I was on Seasonale birth control. I e-mailed Dr. Newman and he was gracious enough to respond. He said the seasonale should be okay. I was on Regland for about 2 weeks while I was waiting for the domperidone to arrive overseas. I had some left over Regland from when I was in the hospital and had no side effects. I've been on Domperidone with the seasonale for about 45 days now. I started pumping with a hospital grade medela symphony this morning. eek I knew I wouldn't see anything right away, but I was still hoping. My lactation consultant also has my own an herbal supplement called MegaMam, it is a tincture with milk thistle, fennel seed and other stuff. I know the protocol said every woman is different and some women take up to 2 weeks before seeing any milk, but I'm curious about people's different experiences. Once you started pumping how long before you noticed any liquid at all?
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I answered you in the other thread as far as time frame goes. It is fine that you are not seeing any milk yet. The herbal tincture you are taking is not the right mix of herbs and typically we find that tinctures are not strong enough. It should be Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. 3 caps of each 3 times a day
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Thank you so much for both post. That's very reassuring. I got about 20 drops yesterday and few drops so far today. It's hard going through that kind of discomfort with no results. I will go by Wholefoods and pick up the herbs you suggested. Thanks again.