Posted By: Leigh Newbie (introduction time) - 05/28/11 07:56 PM
Hello, My name is Leigh and I recently got married on nov 27th 2010.. I have two son's from my first marriage.. They are 26 and 25 years old.. I don't work so i am a stay at home house wife.. I love my new husband and his name is Rex. Here is my story.. After we got married I thought i was pregnant in December and in january i went to the doctor's and he found out i wasn't pregnant, but was worried that it was something else and boy he was right.. The nurse had me crying when i left the office.. Because the machine that was in the office room i have never seen before and i asked what machine is that and she out said that they are looking for cancer because they did an ultrasound and found spots and they were fibroids in the uterus.. It wasn't cancer thank God, but he said he wanted to do a laproscopy and a D&C and that was useless, because my uterus was nothing but one big fibroid the size of me being 5 months pregnant at the first of march.. He had to do a total hystertomy.. So, we (Rex and I) have thought about adoption.. He is a native american and we have talked about adopting a native american child.. I have read up on some things about lactation and the protocol and the doctor has me on Premarin at 1.25 and is making me crazy. So, i went to ask him for the birth control pills.. i have the domperidone already and he gave me the pills without any fuss. I will start on the bcp on the 13th of june. I just hope that our dreams come true..
Posted By: doulagirl Re: Newbie (introduction time) - 05/30/11 09:04 PM
Welcome, Leigh! My husband and I are going through the adoption process as well right now. I am on a month and a half into the protocol and have a month and a half to go. Good luck with everything!

Posted By: Leigh Re: Newbie (introduction time) - 06/02/11 06:39 PM
Thanks Kim, Yes, i was going to start the protocol on the 13th but I started the protocol today.. thanks for the welcome.
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