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Adoptive mother-to-be - 03/31/13 09:18 PM

Good afternoon! My name is Liz, and I am SOOOO happy I found you folks! I will be adopting my cousin's second "happy accident" when he is born (due July 4th) and have started the process of inducing lactation naturally. I am trying not to use drugs or hormones, but am wondering if any other older mothers (I'm 45) have had success using just pumping and herbal galactogogues (my LC recommended Mother Love's More Milk Special Blend with the goat's rue in it)?

I know that breastfeeding is as much about the experience as the actual nutritive value, and I have purchased a Lact-Aid system, since my cousin has offered to pump so I can supplement with her milk. I'm just curious to know if there are any success stories out there.

Also, my LC recommended that I ask my cousin to hand-express her colostrum rather than letting the baby latch on, to avoide further emotional difficulties for her. If anyone has been in this situation before, I welcome your input. smile

Thank you!
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Re: Adoptive mother-to-be - 04/01/13 09:06 PM

Most people on this website are doing the protocol with domperidone. I am on a facebook group for adoptive bf and others there are trying without the domperidone. I think most people don't have much luck with pumping without the domperidone, but you might have luck once the baby is here.

I am wondering why you are opposed to the domperidone? I had not negative side effects and was able to get a full supply (I did do the protocol with the bcp's too). I think the dom can make the most difference with production.

I think your cousin should decide what she is comfortable with with the baby, pumping or bf. I had to pump colustrum for my bio son because he couldn't latch well after birth (he was tongue tied) and it took him a while to learn after he was clipped.

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Re: Adoptive mother-to-be - 04/03/13 11:34 PM

Thanks, Jennifer!

I'm not necessarily opposed to domperidone, but I have a pituitary adenoma that causes elevated prolactin levels on its own, and is of concern when using any kind of drug.

If it becomes necessary, I might try it, but for now my LC thinks we may be able to jump-start production with the herbal remedy and pumping, so that's my hope.

I'm going to go look for the adoptive bf Facebook page. Thanks for the tip!
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Re: Adoptive mother-to-be - 04/04/13 04:39 AM

Here is a link to the group. I think it is closed so they have to approve acceptance. That keeps out some of the crazies.!/groups/AdoptiveBreastfeeding/