Well dh and I have been talking over the past few days and I guess I'm going to stop trying to bf. Several reasons; my goal was for bonding with Abigail and she and I do that very very well, she is really not interested (fights it every step of the way), I have gained almost 15 pounds on the dom and really need to lose a LOT of weight (my knees and back are hurting and dh says I'm snoring LOUD) and can't take the meds to lose the weight while bfing, I never have produced more then 4 ml's in any one feeding(pumping) session.
So, thanks ladies for all of the advice and encouragement! It has been a joyous (although frustrating) 3 months for us.
I'll continue to refer others to your great forums and helpful advice!

Kimberlee Jo
wife to Jim
proud to be Abigail's mommy