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#10305 - 12/31/07 04:34 AM Am I dreaming?
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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. Here's my situation in a nutshell.

I had six children, all of whom I nursed on average 10 months each. At age 29, I had a full hysterectomy. Since, we have adopted four older children, and now are in the process to adopt a little boy, hopefully 2 years or younger, from Ukraine. I am now 32 years old. I would like to breastfeed my new son when we adopt him but I am discouraged, as I feel like it is only a dream. I'm not only not sure that my doctor will support this, but I am also not sure that an 18 month old child will even want to nurse. I really want to do this, and when I found this sight, I nearly jumped up and down with joy. But, I was not a huge milk producer when I nursed my biological children, and I have a feeling that my milk supply will be minimal thus discouraging me even more.

I think we will be traveling to Ukraine in about 60 days to adopt a son, but it is not definite. We will be flying for at least 12 hours with no access to a breast pump. Would this be an issue?

Thank you for any and all support, advice, suggested protocol, etc. I get from this thread.

Oh, and nice to be around so many women that feel as passionate about breastfeeding as I do.


#10315 - 01/02/08 02:42 AM Re: Am I dreaming? [Re: thereed12]
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I know a mom in my area who successfully breastfed her little boy who she adopted at 18 months, so it is possible!

She reintroduced a bottle to him first (he had been weaned form the bottle when she got him). She always held the bottle (cover it with a sock to look more like a part of your clothing). She also was the only one to feed him and he always sat in her lap when he ate solid food.

I think it took about 1-2 months to transition to him being comfortable being held and bottle fed, to threading the SNS tube through the bottle nipple, to holding the bottle nipple with the SNS through it over her breast, then onto her breast with the SNS, then to just the breast. Last I heard he was still happily nursing at 3 years. (including through her unexpected pregnancy and is now tandem nursing).

So, if nothing else, just know that it is possible!

#10316 - 01/02/08 05:27 AM Re: Am I dreaming? [Re: Maggiemom]
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Thanks Maggiemom,

I am very encouraged. Can anyone share about whether or not they did the protocol on their own without a doctor? Also, how supportive have friends and family been?

#10352 - 01/13/08 07:42 AM Re: Am I dreaming? [Re: thereed12]
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Absolutely it's possible. See my post on your other thread.

Best, Lenore
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