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#11319 - 08/15/08 06:27 PM RELACTATING
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First, I would like to say hi to everyone!

I'm a 33 year old mother of a 2.5 year old girl and a 2.5 month old boy. I stopped nursing 2 weeks prior to coming back to work. Now for the life of me I don't know why I stopped. Maybe I was having a brain fart. Well now I am desperately trying to relactate. The process seems to be very slow. I took a weeks worth of reglan along with Fenugreek (GNC store). Yesterday, I only pumped 1 ounce for the whole 8 hours I was at work. Is this normal? Do I need to give up? How long did it take some of you?
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#11320 - 08/15/08 07:29 PM Re: RELACTATING [Re: mommyof2]
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How often are you pumping and what kind of a pump do you use? Also Domperidone is a better option than Reglan it can be taken long term and doesn't have the awful side effects. You have to order it online as it isn't available by prescription in the US.
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#11631 - 09/27/08 11:42 PM Re: RELACTATING [Re: Lalle]
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Its been 2 weeks. Your boobs have told your brain there is no babyh at the breast. So they are drying up. It may take you a month to get back on track. I am along side lalle on this. I have the same questions she does?????
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