My husband is in the Air Force and we are still several years away from having children of our own, but my sister's pregnancy has gotten me thinking more and more about it lately. After reading through much of the info on this site, I've decided to research hospitals and clinics well in advance so I can choose which ones are best suited to my needs when we do decide we're ready to have a baby. I've been looking up "Baby-Friendly" hospitals and was happy to see one located close to us (Tacoma General, WA). However, my husband and I are also thinking about getting orders to Germany within the next two years. It's perfect timing now, because I'm finally finished with school and we don't have any reasons not to go now and live out the next adventure in our lives. smile

I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with hospitals in Germany? We've decided that Germany would be the best choice for us overseas, because their animal/pet import laws are less stringent than other countries. Now we just have to settle on an Air Force base and a local community of our liking. We will most likely have our first baby while we there, so I want the decision to include proximity to a great hospital or birthing clinic. I know the Army base in Heidelberg is considered "Baby-Friendly", but it's an Army base, not an Air Force base.

Anyone familiar with hospitals in Germany, or at least the Germany culture/way of thinking regarding family-centered practices? I'd prefer a non-military hospital if at all possible anyway, but I want to ensure that the culture regarding birthing and child rearing is supportive of the strong bonding I want for my family.

Any help on where to begin my research would be greatly appreciated!!