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#12380 - 01/29/09 12:27 AM Update---baby due in 24 days..have ????
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HI. I'm back.......
Just an update...I am up to 10.5 ounces a day. the baby is due in 24 days!
I think I'll continue to slowly increase until then, but here's my ??
Did most of you see a noticable increase once you got the baby to to the breast.I am really hoping that will happen.
I am so nervous..its an 11 hour trip and the birth mom wants me there when he is born. Any other ideas to increase production please let me know...
How am I on production compared to others who took the bc?
Do most relactating women quit having their periods. I know i didn't have one when I breast fed my other children. I assume being on a protocol can produce the same effects.
I have taken multiple pregnancy tests so I am sure I am not pregnant.
Thanks again for your help.

#12382 - 01/29/09 06:43 AM Re: Update---baby due in 24 days..have ???? [Re: morningstar]
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Marla I think you are doing great! You should see an increase once baby is at breast. A lot of women have their period go away for awhile. I think it is different for each person.
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#12385 - 01/29/09 09:27 PM Re: Update---baby due in 24 days..have ???? [Re: Lalle]
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I think you are doing great too! Keep up the good work. The baby is definitely better at getting the milk than a pump is.
I got my period when I went of the BCP, but then didn't get it again. I still haven't gotten it and my daughter is 13 months old.

#12386 - 01/29/09 10:36 PM Re: Update---baby due in 24 days..have ???? [Re: jenmarko]
Linda Offline
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You are doing wonderful.
My DD is always able to get far more milk than the pump. Right now she is 7 months old and when I pump I get maybe 4 oz per feed. I can guarantee that she gets at least 3 oz more than that when she nurses.
As one gal said " pumps pump you, but babies milk you!"

good luck!

#12387 - 01/30/09 12:55 AM Re: Update---baby due in 24 days..have ???? [Re: Linda]
Nona Offline
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You are doing fantastic! Make sure your getting in you night pumping. A lot of adoptive nursing moms periods stop when they pump. Keep us updated. Any yes you will continue to increase after baby is at the breast
Adoptive mommy to 4 , Last 2 adopted nursed. Youngest nursed till she was 5! Raising 2 grandbabies, as infants they were raised on donor breast milk smile

#12389 - 01/30/09 04:41 AM Re: Update---baby due in 24 days..have ???? [Re: Nona]
morningstar Offline

Registered: 09/15/08
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Loc: FL, USA
Thanks Ladies!
I need the encouragement.
I have a new 7 week old grandson and I watched him gulp 4 oz today at one time.
My first thoughts were..... oh no!!!!!
Its great to hear so much encouragement.
I'll keep everyone posted. The birth mom called me a little earlier and she has an appt in the morning.
Things are great. She needs me and I need all of you!
Thanks again,

#12403 - 02/02/09 07:43 PM Re: Update---baby due in 24 days..have ???? [Re: morningstar]
misidawnrn Offline

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congrats Marla, you are doing a great job. I was wondering the same?? as you. I am up to7-8 ounces a day but I only pump every 4 hours and not at night. I will pump at night 2 weeks before baby is born. I plan on increasing to every 3 hours the last week.
Only 35 more days for us!!!!!
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