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#13662 - 07/20/10 01:07 AM formula to use if not able to breastfeed in time
Jessica Offline

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I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on formula in case I am not ready to breast feed when baby comes. I hope I don't have to use any formula but would like to have a back-up plan. Thank you

#13671 - 07/26/10 02:29 AM Re: formula to use if not able to breastfeed in time [Re: Jessica]
Snickers Offline

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That is a great question. I have been wondering the same thing on what the best formula to supplement with is. I have heard that Good Start is good. Any comments?

#13771 - 08/17/10 07:17 PM Re: formula to use if not able to breastfeed in time [Re: Snickers]
Mama2b Offline

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Just wanted to say, don't go crazy buying formula. Sign up for free samples with each company. Keep those on hand in case the baby does not do well with one until you have milk come in or need to supplement.

My neice adopted a beautiful baby girl, came home with formula from the hospital and ended up trying every one on the market before her mother and I convinced her to try to induce in order to breastfeed.

She didn't want to breastfeed, she thought formula would be easier and that other people would think ill of her to breastfeed an adopted baby. She is happily breastfeeding now, not that she didn't have problems with that. I wish she would get on this site for more support. If she is by any chance, I love you and am here for you any time, just call me.

Blessings to all!


#13853 - 09/13/10 05:03 AM Re: formula to use if not able to breastfeed in time [Re: Mama2b]
Darillyn Offline

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I think Good Start is a good formula. My granddaughter wasn't breastfed. They tried several formulas they had samples of, and my ex could get them free Similac, but she just didn't do well on it. She got terrible gas and her stools started smelling horrible. A switch to Good Start helped a great deal. I had always added probiotics to the supplement I used in the Lact-Aid, with my kids, and swear by it! There are now several formulas that contain it, the first of which was one of the varieties of Good Start. It was more economical to just get the Primadophilus for Children, which I used with my last three kids, though, and add it to the basic Good Start. Also,you get that from a Health Food Store, and it is kept refrigerated. I don't know if you can be sure that the powdered formula is kept at an optimal temperature for keeping the probiotics alive, or not. Primadophilus For Children is a powder formulation that dissolves completely, so it didn't clog the Lact-Aid tubes. I had to experiment a little bit to find one that would do that. It doesn't take much to clog the Lact-Aid tube, since it is so tiny.

Best Wishes,

#13910 - 10/16/10 02:37 PM Re: formula to use if not able to breastfeed in time [Re: Snickers]
J in TX Offline

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I use Baby's Only organic formula. It is marketed as a toddler formula because they want to promote breastfeeding as the best choice for infants, but when I studied the nutrient profile, I found that it was a good infant formula.

Good luck!



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