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#15257 - 01/17/13 02:00 PM Newbie - expecting surrogate baby mid June!
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Hi there!

I am new here and found this site on the advice of my La Leche League Lactation Consultant, and just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself! grin

I am 32 and based in the UK. Due to medical reasons and over 12 years of medical treatment I have been through early menopause so am now infertile. It is also not possible for me to carry a baby to term and I have never had a baby of my own, although I adore children. My husband and I are desperate to start a family.

My amazing lifelong best friend offered to act as host surrogate for us, and after 3 rounds of IVF we are now expecting our first baby in June 2013! grin laugh

After a lot of research I discovered to my joy that it was possible to induce lactation despite never having had a baby and the fact that I am post menopausal. Coming from a very natural background it is especially important to me to be able to offer my baby at least some benefit from natural breast milk and I had been considering milk banks until I read about inducing lactation.

I am very keen to try and induce lactation, not only try and address nutritional issues, but also to forge the wonderful bond with my baby that I know breastfeeding can bring. I am realistic in that I understand that the chances are I may not be successful, and that it requires a lot of dedication but I am determined to try. I am also aware that the focus is on the bond and not so much on producing enough milk to sustain my baby exclusively, although of course that would be fantastic.

The big thing to point out is that due to my medical history I am attempting to do this naturally without the use of hormones or domperidone. It is a big ask, but my lactation consultant believes it is possible, and so I am hopeful that with the use of herbs and a strict pumping regime and a smidging of luck, that I might be able to do it.

I wondered if any of you other lovely ladies had experience in inducing lactation naturally and if you could offer and hints or tips or advice, all of which would be very gratefully received! blush

Love and respect
Infertile and desperate to be a Mummy, amazing lifelong friend offered to be host surrogate!
Surrogate baby due in June 2013!!
Attempting to induce lactation naturally!

#15258 - 01/18/13 06:44 AM Re: Newbie - expecting surrogate baby mid June! [Re: Emma_LW]
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Most of us here have used domperidone. There is a yahoo group that has more people that have tried it without drugs. There is also a facebook group. Most people I have heard of haven't had much luck, but it is about more than the milk. I am wondering about why you are reluctant to use domperidone? It is not a hormone.
Good luck to you!


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