Hi, I am 39 and expecting a baby via a surrogate mom in about 4-6 weeks. I was unable to breast feed my first baby 7 yrs ago due to poor latch and ignorance on the whole bf issue.

My second son was full term, but was still not interested in breastfeeding - but this time, I pumped and bottle fed him for 9 months. I had to supplement initially, but was able to produce full supply from about 2 weeks.

Makes me wonder if I have some problem with let down.....

We lost our 3rd baby due to prematurity - she lived for only 24 hrs.

Now this pregnancy is with the frozen embryos left over from my previous cycle.......

I tried hormones and was very nauseous and gave up on inducing a few months ago. Last month, I was tempted again and decided to try just domperidone. Surprisingly, for the last 3 days, I have been able to see drops of fluid. I have been hand expressing for the past day to produce a few drops. I have a pump and am going to pump starting tomorrow. I work full time, so probably would be realistically doing it only 3 times a day frown

Hoping this will work this time. I really want her to latch and breastfeed this time so I could be done with the pump - oh how I hate that piece of machinery...... I did order a lactaid to (have never used that before - should be fun)