I'm starting on the Regular Protocol using generic Yaz instead of Yasmin because I'm already on it for BC (I'm adopting my 4th but gave birth to my 3 current children). Yaz has 0.020 mg ethinyl estradiol rather than 0.035 mg as Yasmin does (and Ortho Novum too). The 'Special Birth Control Pill' page on this site says that the BC pill should have no more than 0.035 mg of estrogen. I'm wondering whether only having .020 rather than 0.035 estrogen is a good thing or a bad thing...and whether I should be taking additional ethinyl estradiol to up to 0.035.

Has anyone had success with Yaz rather than Yasmin?

I've already emailed Lenore and Dr. Newman over the last couple of weeks but didn't hear back from either of them...

I know about all the risks of Yaz and Yasmin but have been on Yaz or similar generics for years without problems.