Hi, Bridget I am so sorry to hear of your loss. This certainly must be the worst week in your life. I am fairly new and can give you no advice on nursing but I know these ladies are wonderful and will help.Congratulations on your little boy.

My question after that seems so trivial. I lost the ordering e-mial for the domeridone. I sure would appreciate it if anyone could give it to me. I think I got it somewhere in Canada. But we moved, I had surgery and am trying to get everything organzied again.

My surgery went fine. Am still having poblems with chewing but it soon will be healed. He said two to three weeks at least. Am glad it is over. I was very nauseated after the surgery for three days until I discovered that percocet and I donot mix. After that I was fine. I was eating everything in site just so I could the takin the bcp regime pills, hoping it would keep my stomach quiet. Now am working toward health again. Thank for the address. Becky