I was asked to post my story -I hope it helps some of you! I am the biological mom of a 5 yr old son, and a daughter in heaven who died at 5 days old. Both my "homemade" kids were premature, and due to this history we decided to pursue adoption. Back in March, we matched with a potential birthcouple and I began the protocol discussed on this site. I took bcp & dom, then a little over a month before his due date, I stopped the bcp, continued the dom, and started pumping. I have to say, with 2 preemies, I became qutie the expert at pumping. I used my trusted Medela Pump-in-style and pumped every 3 waking hours. I did not get up to pump at night. At first, I made around a Tablespoon per pumping session. I was soon up to an ounce, and eventually between 2 and 4 ounces each time. When our son was born, he had some breathing problems, so they did not want him nursing, but they were able to give him my pumped milk. After a day and a half, he got to finally nurse, which actully helped his breathing. He is now almost 3 wks old and he is 100% breastfed! In the first few days after birth, he dropped around 5 ounces (normal) but by his 1 wk appointment, he had gained it all back, plus 2 ounces!
I doubt I'll have a lot of time to post here, with a newborn- but please feel free to email me (JoshandLori@aol.com)
I wish you all enormous success!!!! You can do it!!!!!