I have been on the regular protocol for 2 weeks, and this time, so far, I have not had the depression etc...that I had last year when I did the protocol. My mood is actually elevated! Maybe I am more used to the hormones. I tried domperidone and pumping , with herbs etc..for 5 weeks, and was making about 2 tsp a day from left and drops from right. I have no baby in site yet. We keep choosing a country and then something happens. (For example: wanted to go to Colulmbia,,now a travel warning is there,,,,thought about Russia,,,then in last two days, rebels taking people hostage in Moscow...And , Nepal...safety issue,,,I think we are back to Guatemala again). We are 3/4 of the way done with all paperwork. So, I have at least 6 months of time to do the regular protocol, unless by some miracle. our US adoption agency actually has a match (only been waiting 1 year!). I just wanted Lenore to know, my side effects are much less so far. I started on domperidone 40 mg last week, now 80 this week. I had been on 80 mg of domperidone a day for 5 weeks, but before I started the regular protocol, I had weaned myself back down to 40 mg, lost a few lbs etc.. before starting reg. again. We will keep everyone updated. we are hoping to adopt 2 or 3 kids at once this time, boy is my one and only child, my son from Peru, going to be in for some competition! (He really wants siblings). I am thinking about selling my PIS, used only 5 weeks, and using the money towards a Whittlestone. We'll see. Take care everyone, thanks, Cathy
seans mom
2nd time on regular protocol
hoping to adopt 2 or 3 more little ones!