*Be forewarned I do mention abundant milk supply in here. So if this could discourage you please do not read on. *

I have been reading the forums looking for the answer to my questions and have yet to find what I am looking for. I started my protocol with Domperidone and the birth control several weeks ago. I am relactating after almost 2 years for my soon to be adopted daughter. I have in the past produced what many doctors referred to as an 'over abundance' of milk for all of my previous pregnancies. At one point I was given tips and medication to slow down production because it was so plentiful and painful. While I know this won't necessarily be the case for induced lactation I do hope it points more to success than otherwise. Before taking anything I was able to express a drop or two from either side with difficulty. After about 3-4 weeks I have had a significant change in that regard and now in the shower without a pump I can express several from both sides with ease by squeezing just the nipple, though I avoid seeing if there is spray of any kind as I know I am not to attempt pumping at this phase. They are tender and fuller. My question is this. My daughter is to be born in April sometime. Is it better in my situation (relactating) weighing the benefits of days using the pump to build the volume versus the days on the medication, when would you suggest I stop the medication and start pumping? I hope to feed her exclusively but I know that isn't really in my hands. Nature will do what nature will do. Which way will present the best odds for a more plentiful supply. Currently they are expecting to induce her at 34 weeks, So she will be rather premature and likely eat less and not at the breast for quite a while. I do not know if they will allow me to express and give that to her however I am going to at least try! Her induction date is in approximately 5-6 weeks away.

Any advice you can send my way would be great. I know you get these often and if it has been addressed before I am sorry. After reviewing the forums for quite a while I don't see anyone commenting on a change like mine. Perhaps you all have that change but just don't mention it.

I have emailed Lenore but gotten no response? Does she still answer emails?