I am a healthy late 50's woman, mother to 4, breastfed for 2+ years each, Grandmother now. I am working with re-lactating as a medicine for my husband who has a rare form of cancer. I wish I had thought about this during our first go round with cancer last year, but as it has returned and options the hospital can offer are limited, I looked for what else we could do.

My idea of making milk that could help with immune system and side effects does not turn out to be so crazy as I soon found there was quite a bit of research on this!

I believe milk banks need the milk for babies, so I decided to work on making it myself, supplemented with the extras a nursing Mom who is pumping for her own infant and supplying a milk bank. We get the milk she made after a glass of wine or when there was a cold or flu in the house, what the milk bank would reject anyway.

I started on domperidone and estrogen as per the fast track protocol, but do not have a doctor to work with.
I considered going to my doc but I realize it can come across as a radical and desperate act, and am not interested in having to defend my sanity in making this decision.

I kind of suspect we have in our collective woman's history quite a few stories of women making medicine from their milk,so much missing history, especially women's stories.

I expect we will find that our bodies can make the best medicines, and why not make milk for my beloved, even if he is a 60 something grown-assed man.

I would prefer to work with a doctor, but also do not want to deal with any hassle as I am going to do it anyway.

Chemo begins soon so I am doing what I can to fast track and could use any advice or ideas. I am hand stimulating, waiting a week to get the pump to give my body time to get ready.

I feel tingling and a fuller sense already after a couple of days, but also an increase in night sweats. I always had massive night sweats when my milk came in for my babies, so feel that may be a good sign.

I imagine there must be other women out there making milk for cancer patients. If so, lets talk and figure this out

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