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#24825 - 01/31/17 06:23 AM Attempting Accelerated Protocol-Which BCP is best?
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Hi! I am attempting the accelerated protocol. My son just turned 5 months and I really don't want to waste more time. I'm wondering which bcp would be better Microgestin, Ortho 1/35, or Yasmin, and why? I'm really curious about how these four bcps compare? Which is more better/effective in producing fast, more pronounced results, especially for the accelerated protocol? If you have experience with the above bcps what were your results? Please share!
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#24841 - 02/17/17 02:58 AM Re: Attempting Accelerated Protocol-Which BCP is best? [Re: MeetTheThomases]
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I used Diane 35 even though it is NOT recommended any more. (it can be risky) but I have had good results with my milk supply. I can pump about 12 ounces a day usually but this took me about 4 months after I quit the BCP. Most moms take the ortho 1/35 with good results and it is much safer. If you already have a 5 month old, I would just skip the BCP phase and go straight to the pumping domperidone part. The BCP phase is mainly to develop breast tissue while you are waiting for a baby but it also suppresses the milk while you are taking it. (you could be pumping and building your supply rather than taking the BCP for 60 days.) also 4 ounces a day is the BIG marker. At 4 ounces of breastmilk a day, you provide 100 percent of immune benefits for your baby in this critical time in his/her infancy. You will most likely make this and much more by not doing the BCP. Also- no body ever gets on this site anymore, I recommend the "adoptive breastfeeding group" on facebook. Adoptive moms post stuff every day and this site it is only once every few months. Hope this helps.


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