Hi! I recently gave birth late August 2016. During labor I was diagnosed with Preclampsia. My midwife and doctor would like me to continue taking Labetalol HCL 2 times per day and Nifedipine ER 30mg, a generic form of Procardia XL 30mg, once per day until my blood pressure stays low for at least a few months straight.

With that said, I finally got my midwife onboard with my journey! She called in a Rx for Reglan 10mg, amongst the other drugs I need to get started. I actually asked my midwife for a Domperidone prescription (not the Reglan) but when my local pharmacy said it was unavailable she went ahead and filled an Rx for Reglan instead and didn't tell me until later. With all the concern surrounding Reglan's side effects, I am worried to take it but my midwife promises that Raglan has been used for years (much longer than domperidone), does the same thing as domperidone (she claims it boosts supply 3x better), is harmless and and the side effects are rare. I told her that I read online that it was a dangerous drug with severe side effects and she asksd me, "Did you read this from a site in Canada?" with a "go figure" attitude. She then promised it would be fine. I was thinking I could possibly do 12-14 days on Reglan and then convert to the Domperidone.

Board Members who actually have taken Raglan when attempting the protocols: In your experience, Is Reglan really that bad? What were your results with lactation on it? Is lactation on Reglan more pronounced/ 3 times better? Any side effects?

Will Reglan or Domperidone interfere with Labetalol HCL or Procardia XL? My blood pressure is never higher than 133/84, is Domperidone and Reglan ok to use? Which is better with this type of blood pressure?

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