My midwife called in a Rx for Yasmin 3.0mg/0.03mg, Provera 2.5mg, and another drug (Reglan 10mg) to induce lactation. My husband picked up my prescriptions today and I was very shocked when I received them. Despite the fact that my midwife called in the prescriptions by their brand name, I received everything in generic form. I currently have a Rx for Drospirenone-EE 3-0.03mg, a generic form of Yasmin 3.0mg drospirenone (progesterone) + 0.030mg ethanol estradiol (estrogen). I also have a Rx for Medroxyprogesterone 2.5mg, a generic form of Provera 2.5 and a Rx for Metoclopramide 10mg, a generic form of Reglan.

Are the above generic medications just as good as the brand name tablets? Are any of them that would be ineffective if I take the generic?

If I opted to take Microgestin as the bcp is the generic form, Junel, just as good as Microgestin?

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