I am attempting the Accelerated Protocol with only 1 month to take bcp (If need be I will attempt 2 months). I also had previous experience of Preclampsia which surfaced during labor recently in August 2016. I'm currently on Labetalol HCL 2 times per day (200 mg in the morning and 300mg in the evening) and Nifedipine ER 30mg, a generic form of Pericardia XL 30mg, once per day until my blood pressure stays low for at least a few more months straight.

With that said, Is it ok to take a Yasmin 3.0mg/0.03mg, with Provera 2.5mg on the above blood pressure medications? I actually have in these prescriptions in the generic form: Drospirenone-EE 3-0.03mg, a generic form of Yasmin and Medroxyprogesterone 2.5mg, a generic form of Provera 2.5. Can I take these generic forms with the Labetalol HCL and Procardia? Would taking the Provera 2.5mg and Yasmin (or the generic forms) increase the chance of high blood pressure, vein thrombosis, abnormal bleeding, etc.? Would taking the Provera 2.5mg and Yasmin (or the generic forms) be productive or counterproductive for relactation since it is upping the progesterone? Will this help me to get the breast changes I want to see quicker? Is there another bcp that would work better with the Provera 2.5? Is there a highly recommended bcp for women who experienced or have preeclampsia?

*Yasmin contains 3.0mg of drospirenone (progesterone) + 0.030mg of ethanol estradiol (estrogen).

Sorry for the plethora of questions! I just have so many and really need help.

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