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#5920 - 06/22/05 06:27 PM what to to help low sperm count?
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I am adopting a baby due in August, and my best friend is currently trying to get preggo. Her DH did one of those drug store sperm count tests and it said that his sperm count was low. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving low sperm count by natural methods? ......any advise is appreciated.......Jenn

#5921 - 06/26/05 06:18 AM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: jenn]
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for starters I would go to the doctor and have a test done on his sperm count. I would not trust the drugstore tests. If he is indeed low. There are vitamins that you can get that help increase the count. Also wearing boxer shorts instead of breifs. Briefs keep the testicles to close to the body and keep them to warm. In turn it kills the sperm and cuts down on their production. Boxers allow for air to circulate around and lowers the temp so they came make more spermies. You might have your friend type in the search engine. Vitamins to help sperm count. She should find something.
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#5922 - 06/27/05 04:15 PM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: jenn]
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Hi Jenn,

I just read an article in my local newpaper that said "use it or lose it" basically they advice ejaculations every 48 hours to increase sperm count.

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#5923 - 06/27/05 05:45 PM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: Lenore]

Thanks a lot! I will pass on the info!

#5924 - 07/29/05 01:28 PM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: jenn]

There is a supplement called Proxeed he may be able to try. My husband did, and it did help increase some numbers. It is expensive though. There are other vitamins, etc. that claim to help. Proxeed has a website if you want to look it up, but I do not know the address.

#24847 - 01/16/18 04:32 AM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: jenn]
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To increase sperm count the balanced diet which includes nutrients and vitamins is the key factor. Regular exercise raises the testosterone level. Obesity also causes infertility, maintain a healthy weight is also important.

#24863 - 03/21/19 11:53 AM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: jenn]
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Can you increase sperm count significantly by following all the advice or are only minor improvements possible?

#24872 - 12/04/20 04:17 PM Re: what to to help low sperm count? [Re: jenn]
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ahah thanks for the answer


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