Wyeth is recalling powdered milk and soy-based formulas which are marketed under many of the diverse "store
brands." This is different from the recent reports of
powdered formula contaminated with salmonella. According
to the Wyeth press release, the formulas are
contaminated with Enterobacter sakazakii (E. sakazakii),
a bacterium that is common in the environment. Although
there have been no reports of illness from the
contamination, there have been recent stories of
illnesses from this bacteria, and that it is
particularly severe for high risk or premature infants.
The store brands affected are: Baby Basics, CVS, Home
Best, Healthy Baby, Kozy Kids, Hill Country Fare or HEB,
Little Ones, Parent's Choice, Safeway Select, and
Walgreen's. The press release Wyeth issued is found at:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Lenore Goldfarb, Ph.D.,CCC,IBCLC
Wife to Rob, Mom to Adam aged 13, and Ethan aged 9, both born via GS and breastfed via Regular Newman-Goldfarb Protocol.