I am thinking of switching my bcp to the Yasmin. I was on Necon, Diane 35, and now I am back on the necon. I want to have good results when I start pumping. So would it be better for me to go on the necon? I can get the Yasmin at a local pharmacy. I just need to see if my doctor would write a script for me. I should start pumping in mid March or early April so I was thinking my last month on the Yasmin might not be a bad idea. I have been back on the necon about two weeks now. Also I am spotting at times it's heavier then it tapers down. I hope my hormones are not to much out of whack. I have noticed more energy on the necon and I am not as moody. At times on the Diane I would get depressed. Lenore wrote on my other post that I could do either. Insurance should pay for the Yasmin as long as I have a script. Are doctors pretty good about writing prescriptions for the Yasmin? I think I will call my lactation consultant she knows my doctor. I am so excited to start pumping. It is great to have a place where we can go for friendly advice and support. I feel good knowing that my body can prepare for my baby in such a positive way. I can honestly say that the protocol has been worth it. It has given to me something that I thought I lost when I found out we could not get pregnant. My family doctor and ob gyn, and lactation consultant have been so positive about the protocol. When my husband went to our family doctor for his adoption physical he asked if I was lactating yet. My husband said no that I needed more time on the pills. This was back in November. Our doctor seemed impressed to know that my body coud do this without being pregnant. Anyway I just wanted to thank all of you, Lenore, and Dr.Newman for getting the information about the protocols out for women like me.
Thank you for your help,