I haven't posted here much because it's been over 2 years since I nursed my adoptive daughter. With an impending move to another state, I realized I still had the Lact-Aids that I used when nursing her. So I am now offering them for sale. These were purchased 4 years ago and I am the only one who has used them. I cleaned them thoroughly and they are boxed and ready to go. Here's what is included:
3 Body/Nursing Tubes
4 Extension Tubes
4 Clamp Rings
A Roll of Lact-Aid Nursing Bags
1 Neck Strap
1 Funnel
1 Bag Hangar
1 Cleaning Syringe
1 Formula Strainer Cloth
Instruction Booklet
Price for all: $35 which includes shipping

If you are interested, please email me: melaniejimerson@sbcglobal.net