Hi all,

I need help. My husband and I are adopting a baby from Korea. I cannot take Domperidone because it is contraindicated for a family with heart disease risk (as I have) so I need an all natural way to try to induce lactation. I really want to try to start quickly - we will probably be accepting a referral in a few days and I want to start ASAP to give it all time to get started. Do all natural only herbs & pumping protocols work? Can someone tell me what will work best?

Also, I have seen a website where you can get donated breastmilk for free (not a milk bank) does anyone know what the site is?? I probably will not be making enough milk - since I can't use the domperidone, but if I could supplement with other breastmilk instead of formula I would be happier. The baby we are considering is very small and could have minor developmental delays or learning disabilites so if I could give her nothing but breastmilk for a few months after she comes home, I feel I'd be giving her a better chance of not having any issues at all - or a lot less!

Any help on this matter would be VERY VERY appreciated!


Adoptive Mom