In the event that the female is unable to carry a fetus to term, there is yet another option.

The Center for Surrogate Parenting and Egg Donation (CSP) 
in Encino, California 
(818) 788-8288 
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Numerous possibilities are available. This centre can provide you with a gestational surrogate who will carry a child that has been conceived with your egg and sperm. In California, the intended parents are recognized by the courts so you don't have to go through an adoption process. This is particularly desirable when having your own embryo(s) carried by a gestational surrogate. The couple may also obtain donor eggs, have them fertilized with the male partner’s sperm and transferred to the female partner who would then carry the pregnancy herself. Or the couple can obtain donor eggs, and have them carried by a surrogate. There are several possible scenarios.

You should note that there is currently a moratorium on surrogacy in Canada and the courts have not kept up with the times. California is the safest place to undergo a surrogacy arrangement. CSP will put you in touch with all of the professionals involved ( yers, doctors, counselors). They screen their surrogate mothers and egg donors rigorously and provide counseling for them. If you contact CSP at (818) 788-8288 they can send you a video and other information.

Dr. Michael Feinman of the Huntington Reproductive Center is associated with CSP as is Dr. Chriso Zouves of Zouves Fertility Center.

Warning: Surrogacy can be very expensive.

Biology of induced lactation (Adoptive Breast Feeding)

It may interest you to know that in the event that you decide to try either surrogacy or adoption, the intended mother can breastfeed her baby. If you are interested in this procedure, contact me and I will send you my booklet, "The Protocols for Induced Lactation - A Guide for Maximizing Breastmilk Production." These protocols require the use of a birth control pill, medication called Domperidone which is not a hormone, and a breast pump. This procedure normally takes at least 6 months but there is an accelerated protocol as well that works in about 30 days. There is also a protocol for women who are in menopause which takes about 60 days.