Pregnancy after four recurrent pregnancy losses: a case report.

Ginekol Pol 2000 Jun;71(6):536-41 (ISSN: 0017-0011) 
Darmochwal Kolarz D; Leszczynka-Gorzelak B; Oleszczuk J 
Zakldu Immunologii Klinicznej AM w Lublinie.

The patient M.S, 24 years old has been admitted to the Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology of University School of Medicine in Lublin with diagnosis: V pregnancy, bronchial asthma. History taken from the patient revealed four recurrent pregnancy losses. The patient has taken prednisone in the dose 10 mg per day for several weeks. After performing immunological phenotyping of lymphocytes we have found some alterations in the patient’s immune status: increased T CD4:TCD8 ratio, increased percentage of B CD19+ and B CD19+5+ lymphocytes, increased percentage of Natural Killer cells CD3(-)16/56+, deficiency of T CD8+ suppressor lymphocytes and increased expression of CD25 and HLA-DR antigens on T CD4+ lymphocytes. According to the obtained results we have increased prednisone dose to 20 mg per day. After forty days of prednisone therapy in the dose mentioned above patient’s immunological status has evolution favorably: T CD4:TCD8 ratio decreased, percentage of B CD19+ and B CD19+5+ lymphocytes decreased, percentage of Natural Killer cells CD3(-)16/56+ decreased, the expression of CD25 and HLA-DR antigens on T CD4+ lymphocytes decreased. Due to the PROM (premature rupture of membranes), and obstetric anamnesis the patient was qualified for caesarean section (21st of September 1998). Male baby was born in good general condition (weight 1180 g, Apgar score 8 pts.). The baby was discharged from Prematurity Department 10th of November 1998 in good general status (weight 2180 g). The child was observed for one year after being discharged from the ward, psycho-physical development is normal.